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Aquamagicaa Surat – The Best Water Park in Gujarat for Unforgettable Thrills

December 4, 2023 - by Aquamagicaa

Are you looking for something new and exciting to do with your friends and family? Does the Surat heat make you wish for a day spent splashing about in the water? Well, this is the perfect place for you! Nestled in the heart of Surat City is a place which leaves its guests giddy with a rush of adrenaline. It's the perfect spot to visit with your friends, enjoy a day out, and soak up the sun. With activities for adventure seekers, easy goers and tiny tots, this place has something for everyone. This is none other than Aquamagicaa - the best and most exciting water park in Gujarat!




Dive into excitement at Gujarat’s Best Water Park, Aquamagicaa

Aquamagicaa boasts an impressive range of International Standard water slides, exciting attractions and delicious food everyone can enjoy! It is the ultimate destination for fun with family and friends! Start the day with a fantastic welcome dance from Aquamagicaa’s talented entertainment team. Their incredible dance moves will leave you dancing and cheering for more! Getting pumped with these tunes will leave you rejuvenated - ready to take on your day of thrills and splashes at Gujarat’s biggest, Aquamagicaa Water Park.


Amenities for all:

When it comes to safety and convenience, Aquamagicaa has taken its guests' needs into consideration. Electric lockers have been placed for guests to store their belongings securely to ensure extra security. If you still need to carry a swimsuit or essentials; best water park in Gujarat has got you covered! With an in-house retail store selling goodies, swimwear, swimming gear and more, you can buy what you need to start experiencing Aquamagicaa worry-free!


Wave Pool Splash!

Start the day with a cooling splash at Carnival Beach! This wave pool guarantees an unlimited amount of fun to all its visitors! Dive headfirst into fun at this tropical paradise designed to transport you straight into the beautiful beaches flocking the Amazonian coasts. Wade through beautiful blue waters and splash around with your friends, all to the backdrop of catchy songs. No matter your age or how adventurous you are, Aquamagicaa’s carnival beach is an attraction that you will always enjoy. And what better way to start your aquatic day of thrills than here!




Adrenaline boosting rides

All the adrenaline junkies must definitely visit Aquamagicaa Surat to get a glimpse into the world of adventure in store for them! With 16 international slides built to bring maximum fun, Aquamagicaa guarantees you the thrill of a lifetime! No wonder it ranks high even amongst the list of top10 water parks in Gujarat. Hop into Twister and experience a rush as you twist and turn down into multi-coloured lanes at high speeds. Or experience not one but two falls in Kamikaze! Step in this slide to feel an element of surprise as you end with a fantastic splash. King Cobra is a crowd favourite, and for good reason - it offers the element of surprise and thrill as you and your friend slide down steep heights and low valleys, coming just close enough to the face of the red King Cobra! Enter the launch capsule of Forest Jump and get ready to feel the G force as you are dropped from the highest heights down an almost vertical slide. As the high speeds accelerate you through loops and turns, you will barely get a moment to scream before this fantastic ride ends!


Aquamagicaa- Gujarat’s-biggest-water-park


While some slides are an explosion of colours, Black Hole offers a thrill unlike any other! With a long, winding black and white striped tube, this 20-second ride within the best water park in Gujarat will leave you twisting and turning at jet speed before opening up to a Technicolor explosion that will leave you in a frenzy of excitement. It is no wonder that our guests rush back to experience it again! Be ready to soar through the sky with Skyslider. This attraction contains a series of open and closed multi-coloured tubes, giving thrill seekers a rush of adrenaline and glimpses of the beautiful, vast sky. It is truly the best way to experience the feeling of butterflies in your stomach on a warm, sunny day in Surat, Gujarat’s biggest water park.

Fun for the whole family

Here at Aquamagicaa, we know that thrill seekers come in all forms - from fully grown adults to tiny kids! An interactive space like Aquamagicaa Water Park is an excellent place for children to nurture their instincts, gain confidence in their abilities, seek fun adventures and make new friends. Keeping all the young adventurers in mind, Aquamagicaa offers a wide range of slides and attractions for them (and their families) to enjoy! Starting strong is an activity that is a visual treat to all - big or small. Aquamagicaa’s Butterfly Cave is a unique psychedelic ultraviolet attraction unlike any other. With an array of beautifully coloured butterflies scattered across this cave, one can get lost in the enchanting sea of vibrant hues. This immersive attraction is captivating and mesmerising, making it a must-see for everyone visiting Aquamagicaa.


Another fun thing to do for kids at Aquamagicaa Surat is to frolic at the Pond of Life. It has the same thrill of full-sized rides, just made miniature for all the tiny tots! It’s the perfect place for children to let loose and make a splash for hours with their friends and family.


After an exciting day of sliding about, youngsters and adults can enjoy a nice float around Wild Raft - Aquamagicaa Surat’s lazy river. Grab a floaty or two, get your friends and relax under the warm Surat sunshine while cool, pristine waters calm and refresh your mind. In a day filled with adventure and thrills, Aquamagicaa ensures everyone has the space to unwind.


To get a little taste of adventure, Jungle Boat is a fun slide that will leave you dizzy with excitement. After being launched into a huge bowl at high speeds, guests are spun around as they circle the entire bowl before eventually reaching the centre. Jungle Boat is a great water park slide at Aquamagicaa where you can tag team with another friend and share the thrill of excitement together.


Lip-smacking food at your service!

Need a break to refuel and rest? Aquamagicaa has plenty of options for places to eat. Boasting a wide range of restaurants, Aquamagicaa has a culinary delight suited for every taste bud! Grab a mocktail and enjoy the water park views at Monkey Bar. If you are in the mood for some snacks, head to Hungry Birds for a quick, delicious burger and fries. Water World Buffetaria has an expansive selection of food for foodies who want to try a little bit of everything. From starter to desserts, every bite of food is a mouth-watering delight! Jungle Fiesta is another unique themed eatery that takes you on an international culinary adventure! From chaats to pasta and Chinese food, this place caters to the diverse palettes of all Aquamagicaa guests! And what better way to end your delicious lunch than a refreshing ice cream at After Taste? It is the best way to cool down on a hot Surat day before gearing up to explore the water park some more!


Dance the night at Party Kingdom!

After sundown, Aquamagicaa Surat completely transforms into the most unique nightlife destination Gujarat has to offer! After 7 pm on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, Aquamagicaa’s Carnival Beach transforms into a splashing dance floor for all to enjoy. Guests rush to dance and let loose in the cool water to the latest hit songs played by the in-house DJ. The strobing lights and loud thumping beats at Aquamagicaa will guarantee you the most unique night out you would’ve ever experienced!


Save more for extra fun!

Aquamagicaa is an adventure destination meant to be experienced and enjoyed by all. This is why plenty of deals and offers exist for those with different budgets! If you wish to visit with a large group, the Buy 2 Get 1 free offer is the one for you! For the efficient explorers in Gujarat looking to make the most of their time and ensure its value for money, Aquamagicaa Water Park’s Express Upgrade lets one skip the queue and jump right into experiencing all the slides. College students on a budget can also engage in the thrill by getting discounted tickets upon showing their college ID. Aquamagicaa also has a Crazy Wednesday offer where people can have more fun for less!



Aquamagicaa is a place that strives to take care of its guests' needs. From having lockers and a retail store to having various slides and food options for its guests, this place in Surat is a must-visit for all. From the moment they enter to the minute they leave, this Surat-based water park provides its guests with the adventure of their lives. While Aquamagicaa is often seen as a place for thrills, it offers its guests so much more. It’s the best place in Gujarat to reconnect with your loved ones, strengthen your camaraderie, push through challenges, and face your fears while having fun! It is the place to create a bucket load of memories that you, your friends and family will cherish for years to come. These factors make Aquamagicaa a gem in Gujarat for forging new friendships and strengthening old bonds.

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