Aquamagicaa - Do's and don'ts

General Guidelines

    • Always always pay attention to safety notices and heed staff and lifeguard instructions.
    • Guests with any health/medical conditions are advised not to use any slides, attractions that limits their movement capabilities.
    • Water rides present a risk of injury as they are physically demanding, participatory activities
    • Horseplay and unruly behaviour is strictly prohibited.
    • Appropriate swimwear is necessary at all times especially on slides/attractions and management reserves the right to decide what qualifies as appropriate swimwear.
      • - Full-body swimsuits and long-sleeved rash guards of polyetster, nylon, lycra fabric are acceptable on all slides
      • - Street clothes, long flowing garments, scarves, sarees, burqa's and undergarments are not permissible.
    • Prescription lenses or sunglasses are not permissible on the slides, attractions
    • You are the best judge of your limitations, so carefully consider each ride to see if you can participate safely.
    • Please keep an eye on your kids, and set up a meeting spot in case you end up being separated.
    • Kids aged under 12 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
    • Management reserves the right to prohibit video recording or clicking pictures.
    • Guests are permitted to smoke only in the assigned Smoking Zone Area within park premises.
    • Rental locker facility is available and guests are therefore requested not to leave their valuables unattended at any given point in time