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This Summer Vacation; Beat the Heat at Aquamagicaa, Surat

April 15, 2023 - by Aquamagicaa

Summer vacations are the perfect time for the whole family to get together. Planning for a vacation spot can be a hassle because everyone has a different preference. Here is one spot that we know which the whole family will agree upon unanimously. Read on to know why.


Creating Beautiful Memories This Summer Vacation

The summer vacation is a perfect opportunity for families to come together and create lasting memories. But finding a vacation spot that everyone can agree on can often be a challenge! Luckily, we have the perfect solution for you if you are looking for places to visit in surat! Aquamagicaa, the best water park in Surat for day outing offers fun and excitement for the whole family - from water activities to magical water park rides. Whether you're looking to relax and soak up the sun or get your adrenaline pumping on thrilling rides, Aquamagicaa has something for everyone. With state-of-the-art facilities and rides, this water park in Surat is your ideal summer getaway.


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For Kids and For ‘Kids at Heart’

 The super seniors and super juniors in any family bond well! The grandparents love being with grandchildren and vice versa. That is why Aquamagicaa has special spaces for them to enjoy the day. For starters, they can simply soak up the sun in one of the many well-shaded benches and seating areas. They could also indulge in a tranquil float in the Wild Raft, a gentle river that meanders through the park. The Wildraft is no ordinary lazy river, as it's full of surprises that will mesmerise you. Magical aquatic creatures will come to life and glow, adding a touch of enchantment to your ride. It's a perfect activity to unwind and soak in the natural beauty of the park while creating unforgettable memories. This relaxing activity is one among the water activities that is suitable for all ages i.e. grandparents, parents, and kids alike.


Another place that the grandparents and grandchildren can lose themselves at this water park in Surat is at the Pond of Life. This is a safe and engaging area for your little ones to make a splash. The tiny tots can experience aquatic adventures while meeting and greeting a host of friendly creatures. With gliding slides and little loopy loops, the kids will giggle and splash their way into a shallow pool as their grandparents giggle and clap in delight.


The kid’s zone is full of surprises, with water activities that will keep your children engaged and entertained for hours. Whether your little ones are just learning to swim or are seasoned water babies, this kiddie zone at Aquamagicaa is the perfect space for them.


For The Romantics and Adventurers

The teenagers and young couples have options aplenty to enjoy being brave hearts and sweethearts at Aquamagicaa water park rides! Hold your hands and get ready for an enchanting adventure in the Sky Slider; riding the highs and drops with an exhilarating sensation. Or you could choose the one-of-a-kind attraction in India that offers the most intense and thrilling ride experience - the King Cobra! Race through a circular path with unexpected twists, turns, and surprises climaxing into a teeth-clenching drop from the Cobra’s mouth!


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Racing with friends and siblings cannot get more fun this summer vacation than at Aquamagicaa water park rides. Gather yourselves in preparation for a four-lane, high speed multi-racer in Twister or dive headfirst in the happy-go-lucky ride through enclosed aqua tubes and multiple lanes of Windigo. The extreme thrill seekers should make it a point to enter the Black Hole. It promises to be among the most memorable 20 seconds of your life!


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‘Full-too’ Family Fun

 Carnival Beach at Aquamagicaa water park in Surat offers fun for the whole family, from toddlers to teenagers, parents to grandparents. The wave pool creates a lively atmosphere with its artificial waves that come in varying heights and intensities, providing an enjoyable experience for all. While the young children and grandparents can enjoy safely in the shallower end, adults and teenagers can venture deeper into the pool. The colourful carnival theme adds an extra layer of excitement with lively music.


The Butterfly Cave offers an enchanting, multi-sensorial experience that is perfect for the whole family. This UV-painted forest comes alive with vibrant colours and glowing butterflies, creating a surreal and spellbinding atmosphere. Guests of all ages can immerse themselves in this butterfly forest adventure; the glow-in-the-dark effect adds an extra layer of magic to the experience.


Multiple food outlets are also available for those who want to take a break from the water.


The ultimate in wholesome fun at Aquamagicaa water park in Surat is the Rain Mist. This specially created dance floor offers a one-of-a-kind experience that combines state-of-the-art technology with choreographed showers of warm water, 10,000 watts of heart-stopping hi-fidelity sound, and psychedelic laser lights that create a truly unforgettable atmosphere. The warm water showers are perfectly choreographed to the beat of the music, enhancing the overall experience and making you feel like you're a part of the show. It will be the highlight of your summer vacation!


Plan Your Summer Vacation Here


If you are considering a one day outing in Surat during the summer vacation, think no more! Pack your bags and dive right into water activities to ‘Beat the Heat’ in style at Aquamagicaa, that ranks top among places to visit in Surat.

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