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Discover the Excitement: Explore Surat’s Unmissable Attractions and Must-Visit Places with Friends!

October 26, 2023 - by Aquamagicaa

Fondly called the ‘Diamond City of India’, Surat definitely lives up to its name. Along with being a city known for its trade and growing economy, Surat is a cultural melting pot rich in diverse history and activities for all. While many of us often get caught up in the hustle-bustle of everyday life, it can be a refreshing break to do something out of the ordinary and go exploring. To fully appreciate the beauty of Surat and do something fun, exciting and different, one might wonder what places they can visit with friends. Well, look no further! This handy guide will give you a variety of areas you and your friends can explore in and around Surat. Be it tourists who wish to explore the city or locals looking to rediscover Surat’s beauty, this guide has something for everyone!

Ditch Routines and Visit Unique Places in Surat with Friends!

1. Dumas Beach

Located along the Konkan coast is a unique beach that shares its shores with the Arabian Sea. Dumas Beach is an iconic destination that warrants a visit. With sandy shores rich in iron, which gives it its signature black colour, this beach boasts incredible natural beauty and a chance to see one of the many unique places Surat offers. Despite its paranormal activity reputation, the beach remains a favoured destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a blend of natural beauty, folklore, and a calming coastal atmosphere. Visitors are drawn to Dumas Beach for its scenic beauty, making it an ideal spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying the soothing sound of waves. All who visit appreciate the natural beauty and stunning sunsets that Dumas Beach has to offer. Located 40 minutes from Aquamagicaa, it is the perfect bucket-list destination to visit with your friends and experience natural beauty at its best.

2. Aquamagicaa

What better way to beat the Gujarat heat than to experience an aquatic adventure at Aquamagicaa Water Park? Residing in the heart of Surat city, Aquamagicaa boasts a massive selection of international-standard slides, guaranteed to give you an adrenaline rush!

During the day, Aquamagicaa opens its doors to visitors looking for an adventure like no other. Dive headfirst into Freefall - with an almost vertical drop; this water slide will have you zooming at full speed, ending with a big splash! Skyslider will have you plummet down low right before soaring to the top. Grab a friend and experience a rush of excitement together on this wild ride. For all the adrenaline junkies, Forest Jump promises a thrill of a lifetime! Enter the launch capsule and dive straight down a near-vertical drop, with twists and turns that will leave you in a total frenzy! Or team up with your friends and dare to try one of Aquamagicaa’s most intense rides - King Cobra. Get thrown into an adventure of a lifetime as you are launched into a series of bends and turns before entering the Cobra Valley - with steep pendulum-like movements that will leave your heart thumping and blood rushing for more!

For those who want to relax and unwind, float along Wildraft - a lazy river that lets you soak up the warm sunshine while drifting along on cool waters. Or go for a dip and embrace the tropical ambience at Carnival Beach! Sway to the beats of our in-house DJ and let your hair down as you dance along with the gentle water currents of this wave pool.

At night, from Friday to Sunday, Aquamagicaa transforms into a party destination unlike any other with its unique property Aquamagicaa Party Kingdom. Music transforms the wave pool (Carnival Beach) into a happening nightlife scene! Experience the thumping beats of your favourite Bollywood and Gujarati hit numbers as strobing lights get you in a party mood, one that you’ll never forget! Dance the night away and splash around in the wave pool whilst enjoying some delicious snacks Adventure has no age limit - which is why there is something for everyone to experience at Aquamagicaa Surat. Most definitely a one-stop destination for relaxation and fun, which will have you feeling giddy with excitement! Through the wide range of activities and adventures, strengthen the bond of your friendships and create lasting memories with loved ones! Once you have experienced Aquamagicaa, you will definitely go back for more!

3. Dutch Garden

Residing in Nanpura and by the banks of river Tapi is a quaint garden offering a quiet recluse from the hustle and bustle of city life. Located 20 minutes from Aquamagicaa, the Dutch Garden at Surat is a beautiful botanical escape incorporating traditional Dutch horticultural designs. Plan a picnic with your friends and take in the garden's beauty as you take a break from the commotion of everyday life. Read a book, play some games and grab a bite while you admire beautifully manicured hedges, trees swaying gently in the breeze and seasonal flowers blooming in an array of mesmerising colours. This park in Surat is the place to slow down, take a breath and relax in peace.

4. Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium

Have a passion for discovering marine life? Then the Aquarium is just for you! After a short 20 minute drive, guests are greeted with an impressive display of a whale skeleton - a preview of the many exciting attractions the aquarium has to offer. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the aquatic world and learn more about over a hundred indigenous and exotic fish species. Enjoy the spectacular sight of sharks swimming around in a two-storey tall pool. Or engage your senses while interacting with turtles at the turtle touch pool. Watch koi fish swim and glide gracefully in the pond while admiring their beautiful multi-coloured fins. As one of India’s best aquariums, Jagdish Chandra Bose Aquarium in Surat is a perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends enjoying and learning about science and conservation efforts for marine biology. This Aquarium should definitely be there in your Surat Itinerary.

5. Surat Castle

Indulge the history buff in you and learn more about Surat’s historical importance at the Surat Castle. As an important city for trade, Surat has been of cultural and political significance. As you walk through its corridors, get transported to the 16th century and delve into the castle's history and why it was built. Through careful conservation and meticulous preservation of history, one can get a glimpse of life in Surat as the epicentre of trade in India. Get lost in a world of precious artefacts and marvel at the beautifully restored architecture as you wander around and soak in the history of this magnificent place. Located just 8 km away from Aquamagicaa, the Surat Castle is one of the best places to go for a leisurely stroll with a friend or two and learn more about how our past has shaped our present world.

6. Iskon Temple

If you are looking for a spiritual escape to recharge, head over to the grand Iskon temple - a half-hour journey from Aquamagicaa. Built in the year 1978, next to the serene Tapi River, the Iskon temple was constructed, keeping simple elegance and beauty in mind. Its architecture and design leave devotees in awe of its beauty as they come to worship. Get immersed in the temple’s ambience, especially during festivities, as dulcet notes of melodies waft through the air. Feel all your stress and troubles fade as you pay homage and respect to the mesmerising and ornate idols of Lord Ram and Krishna. Surat’s Iskon temple is truly a sight to see for an unforgettable immersive religious experience!

7. Dandi Beach

If you are longing for a quick day trip with your friends, this place just 90 minutes away from Surat should definitely be on your list. Dandi Beach is one of the most popular and widely known beaches for its significant role in India’s freedom struggle. Step into the 1930s and walk the same shores as Gandhi did to protest against the British regime. Today, despite being a popular tourist attraction, Dandi Beach is relatively untouched and beautifully preserved. Soak up the warm sun with your friends as you explore a few monuments built to commemorate Gandhi’s Dandi March. The pristine clear water gushing into the shores of Dandi is the perfect backdrop for a day of rejuvenation. Dandi Beach is the best place to dive into a pivotal moment in Indian history while enjoying Gujarat's natural beauty.

Surat is a city that will leave you in awe of its rich past, beautiful nature and the unique experiences it offers to all its tourists and locals. This blog has covered things to do, no matter your interests! From strolling through beaches to visiting castles, temples and aquariums - Surat is genuinely a city unlike any other! However, to make your visit even more memorable in the Diamond City, definitely visit Aquamagicaa Water Park.

It combines adventure, group bonding, and relief from the heat, diverse experiences, and the promise of unforgettable memories. The park's thrilling water slides, ample opportunities for shared enjoyment, and refreshing escape from Surat's warmth make it an excellent choice for a day of fun and relaxation. Whether you're seeking excitement or a leisurely day by the pool, Aquamagicaa caters to all preferences, ensuring that everyone in your group has a fantastic time. It truly is the perfect place to forge and strengthen friendships, all while having the adventure of a lifetime!

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