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Hip Hip Hooray! Surat – Celebrate your Birthday the Aquamagicaa Way!

November 16, 2023 - by Aquamagicaa

There is something special about birthdays. It’s the one day of the year your friends and family come together to celebrate you and partake in all the fun activities that you enjoy. These moments often remain engraved in our memories, which we reflect on with fondness, joy and nostalgia. As with any meaningful celebration, it can be challenging to choose what to do with friends and family that is fun and can be enjoyed by all. Planning where to go, what to eat and what activities to do can be stressful, which is the last thing you'd want for your birthday party. If you are in the depths of party planning and need a helping hand, this blog is your one-stop solution! Located in the heart of Surat city, Aquamagicaa is the perfect place for birthdays that guarantees fun, food and the thrill of a lifetime!


Choose Aquamagicaa Surat as your perfect place for your birthday celebration!


The diversity of Surat is reflected in all that Aquamagicaa offers. It is one of the best places for people of all age groups to celebrate their special day! The atmosphere is buzzing with energy the second you step foot inside Aquamagicaa. Guests are greeted in the morning with a fabulous opening dance performance that amps up the energy, leaving everyone ready to tackle the slides! A water park like Aquamagicaa Surat promises a world of adventure for kids and adults alike. No matter your thrill, Aquamagicaa has it covered!


The thrillseekers:

For those looking for a rush of adrenaline, check out Forest Jump. This ride has a launch capsule that sets you plummeting down an almost vertical drop. Embrace the feeling of weightlessness as you zoom through the twists and bends of this exhilarating ride. Or stare into the face of thrill as you slide down the steep valley of King Cobra. This ride is not for the faint of heart as you slip and slide down high inclines and low troughs - all at crazy speeds! Grab your friends and tag team on this slide for exponential fun! Another ride that lives up to its name is Free Fall. This thrilling water slide shoots you straight down a steep drop that ends in a glorious splash! As a crowd favourite, this ride will have you going back for more at Aquamagicaa Surat!




The easy goers:

While some people turn to adventure to mark special occasions, plenty would love a relaxing, leisurely time. Apart from high-speed thrills, Aquamagicaa has many experiences for those who love to unwind and relax on their special day. One can celebrate by soaking up Surat’s warm sun while drifting around Wild Raft. Let the water currents guide you through the gentle turns of this lazy river as you feel your troubles fade away. Or let loose at Carnival Beach - Aquamagicaa Surat’s very own wave pool. Transcend into a world of serene music as you dance to the rhythms of gentle waves. Relishing in these simple joys of living is the perfect way to celebrate turning one year older!


The dancers:

If you are looking for a fun night out dancing with your closest friends, this one is for you! Aquamagicaa’s Party Kingdom offers you a birthday celebration like no other! Every evening from Friday to Sunday, Carnival Beach transforms into the ultimate dance zone. Sing and dance your hearts out to the latest Bollywood and Gujarati hits as you splash around the wave pool. Or experience refreshing water showers and thumping music at Rain Mist - a multisensorial dance experience! From live acts and acrobatics to a night filled with music, dance and memories - Party Kingdom has all entertainment aspects covered.


Kids’ special:

Aquamagicaa’s slides and attractions add a touch of magic and adventure - making birthdays for children even more special! With unique experiences for the little fun-lovers, children have plenty of fun on their birthdays at this water wonderland. Families and little ones can have a topsy-turvy time at Pond of Life. Set in shallow pools of water, youngsters can experience mini-thrills through a series of kid-friendly water slides. Families can also join in on the fun at Jungle Boat. This slide launches you into a massive bowl where you spin several times at high speeds! Another beautiful, immersive experience for kids and adults is the Butterfly Cave. Get lost in the enchanting glow-in-the-dark forest and marvel at the kaleidoscopic beauty of butterflies. The feeling of pure joy our young guests experience makes their birthday festivities a lot more memorable.




Fun games to play:

Along with experiencing thrilling slides, keep the momentum high by engaging in fun games with your friends. Keep the birthday spirit going by playing an exciting match of beach volleyball. Split up the birthday gang into teams of two, or make new friends with your fellow visitors and relay around a beach ball in this friendly yet competitive game. Or race your friends in an underwater swimming relay at the wave pool! Take part in a dance-off at Carnival Beach or Rain Mist and show off your groovy moves against your opponents while making a splash in the water. Make the competition more exciting by giving prizes and goodies to the winners. By incorporating some of these games during your day at Aquamagicaa, the birthday celebrations become even more special!


Food options:

It can be challenging to arrange a birthday party with food options that everyone enjoys. That’s why restaurants at Aquamagicaa offer a wide range of delicious treats and delicacies that will leave your taste buds tingling for more! With five different restaurants offering different culinary delights, Aquamagicaa has something delicious in store for everyone! After hours of enjoyment and fun, take your taste buds on a flavour journey at Jungle Fiesta! With dishes from China, India and Italy, Jungle Fiesta offers a culinary celebration of world cuisines. For a quick beverage break, head to Monkey Bar. With a wide range of milkshakes and coolers, it is the perfect spot to refuel and hydrate after an adventurous water park day. If you are craving a hearty Indian meal, Water World Buffetaria should not be missed! Keep the birthday celebrations going as you gather your friends on the scenic outdoor terrace, feast on scrumptious all-you-can-eat food and cut a delicious cake to commemorate your birthday! With so many options, your foodie friends will not forget such an extravagant feast!


Souvenirs for gifting:

After spending a whole day creating memories that will last a lifetime, why not get a memento to cherish? Commemorate your birthday at Aquamagicaa Surat by purchasing something from our retail store! Have your pick from our diverse range of exciting merchandise. From t-shirts, water bottles, key chains, swimwear and more, you will definitely find a perfect keepsake. As days pass by and routine life takes over, these unique gifts serve as thoughtful reminders of your fun with your loved ones at Aquamagicaa Surat. These memorabilia are guaranteed to encapsulate all the delightful memories created for years to come!


Special Offers and Tickets:

Aquamagicaa Surat has plenty of offers to ensure you get the best deal for a fun-filled water park adventure! If you want a big birthday bash, the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer helps you save big. Get 3 regular Water Park tickets for 2 when you avail of this offer online! Or celebrate your birthday at the park on Wednesday to avail our Crazy Wednesday deal! Get these tickets to Aquamagicaa Surat at our lowest online prices, starting from 699* per head. College students also get a special discount by flashing their student IDs upon entry. Take a break from your studies and grab your college buddies to celebrate your birthday with splashes of fun for 799* only!


For those looking to get their groove on, Aquamagicaa Party Kingdom has tickets starting from 199*. With ticket prices including food, you are guaranteed to spend a memorable birthday evening dancing your heart away at the wave pool and enjoying tasty treats from Aquamagicaa’s restaurant!



Birthdays are meant to be cherished and commemorated in unique ways. Here at Aquamagicaa Water Park, the importance of such occasions is understood by all. Aquamagicaa ensures that everything is taken care of so you can let loose and enjoy a fabulous birthday celebration. This water park offers guests much more than a fun, adventurous day. The attractions and slides foster stronger bonds and unforgettable memories among families and friends. As you and your loved ones conquer the slides of Aquamagicaa, a sense of oneness and camaraderie is instilled that deepens friendships unlike any other experience.


With thrilling slides and adventures for all age groups, all-day live entertainment, delicious meals and a retail shop for memorable souvenirs - all your party-planning needs are covered at Aquamagicaa! Choose to celebrate your birthday the Aquamagicaa way and experience a whole new side of fun and adventure! It is the perfect place in Surat to make new, thrilling aquatic memories - all whilst celebrating your special day.

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