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Relax, Recharge, Repeat! Here are 7 places you can visit within 300 km of Surat 

December 18, 2023 - by Aquamagicaa

Picture this - you are caught up in the monotonous routine of everyday life. Work, studies, and numerous responsibilities leave you bored and tired, which is why you excitedly begin looking for your next adventure.  But sometimes, despite all the excitement of planning a trip, deciding which place to visit with your friends and family can often derail plans entirely! If this situation sounds familiar, don’t worry! This blog gives you a plethora of options for places you can visit within 300 km from Surat! With plenty of locations, activities and sightseeing in Surat- one of these places will surely be on your must-visit list!




Travel to these places located within 300 km from Surat for a perfect getaway


Starting off strong and close to home is Aquamagicaa Surat- a beautiful Amazon-themed water park with fun in store for all! Vast range of t-shirts, swimming gear, merchandise and knick-knacks that will be the perfect reminder of the exhilarating day of fun and splashes you experienced here! While slides at Aquamagicaa vary based on different levels of adventure, the excitement still remains the same! From the relaxing Carnival Beach wave pool and the Wild Raft lazy river to thrilling water slides like King Cobra, Freefall and Kamikaze - there is thrill in store for every risk appetite! Even little kids have exciting slides and attractions in store for them! Butterfly Cave is a unique psychedelic cave filled with hundreds of multi-coloured ultraviolet butterflies that will leave kids and adults in awe! Pond of Life is the ultimate zone for fun for families and children as little adventurers get to explore all the thrills of water park slides built especially for their enjoyment!


For a day of non-stop adrenaline and a gastronomic delight, Aquamagicaa Water Park, Surat also offers multiple restaurants where guests can relax, unwind and enjoy delicious meals. Head to restaurants like Water World Buffetaria and Jungle Fiesta to savour scrumptious delicacies from all over the world - like pasta, noodles, chaat, pav bhaji and more! And if you are looking to cool down, Aquamagicaa offers plenty of coolers, milkshakes and ice creams at Monkey Bar.




Dive into the wave pool and experience a one of a kind fun party destination with the best food, beverages and music at Aquamagicaa’s Party Kingdom hosted between Friday’ to Sunday nights. This is the perfect place to let loose with your friends after a long day of work or school and dance to the rocking beats of the in-house DJ! Aquamagicaa’s very own entertainment team keep guests entertained with mind-blowing energetic acrobatic stunts to groovy dance moves from start to finish.


With all these unique offering in Surat under one roof makes Aquamagicaa Water Park an unmissable spot for non-stop fun and excitement for all. Aquamagicaa proves you don't need to leave the city for the perfect adventurous getaway!



If you are looking to marvel at scenic beauty, Saputara is the place to go. A hill station located 162 km away from Surat, Saputara is the perfect tourist spot to soak up the sun and enjoy the pleasant hilly weather. Take the 3 hour scenic drive from Aquamagicaa in Surat to this place and visit it with your friends and family for a fun day of sightseeing and exploring the bounty of nature. Sunrise and Sunset points are a must see spot to get mesmerising views of the hills as skies are painted various hues of blue, pink and orange, studded with stars. The slow-paced life of Saputara will be well-suited for those looking for a break from the bustling city. You’d want to embrace the feeling of relaxation the minute you're surrounded by the lush greenery and mystifying Sahyadri hills!


Hatgad fort

Built by the renowned Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 17 AD, Hatgad fort was one of the prominent watchtowers of Saputara. Being 3.5 hours from Surat one can easily pay this place a visit with your friends and have a fun time exploring the beauty of this once extravagant fort. After a certain point, this fort is only accessible by foot, making it a great place to visit for hikers and history buffs. Apart from learning more about Indian history, this fort offers unparalleled views of the Sahyadris that nature lovers are sure to rave about! Hatgad is definitely a must-visit for those looking for a little challenge while exploring apart from the top adventure spot Aquamagicaa Surat Water Park!


Lothal - Archeological remains from Indus Valley Civilisation

This five-hour drive from Surat is well worth it for those who love stepping back in time. Built almost 4500 years ago, Lothal is the southernmost and one of the most important centres of the Indus Valley Civilisation since it was one of the earliest known trading ports of the world. This site entered UNESCO’s World Heritage list due to its profound importance for trade with the Middle Eastern regions of the time, including Persia and Mesopotamia. History buffs will enjoy exploring the remains of the once-flourishing civilisation and get a glimpse of how simple yet ingenious their discoveries and societies were. Every day except Fridays, visitors can also enjoy the museum located close to Lothal and see the remains of various precious artefacts, tools, jewellery and more! This must visit place will have your friends and family hooked from the get-go and will satisfy your curiosity to learn more about the civilisations that preceded us and led us to where we are today.


Adalaj Stepwell

284 km away from Aquamagicaa Surat Water Park is the small town of Adalaj, which boasts the presence of the magnificent Adalaj Stepwell. Built in the year 1498, this architectural marvel goes 5 stories down before reaching the surface of the well. Witness the pleasant dip in temperature as you sink into the beautiful carvings on the walls, windows and pillars. Octagonal in shape, this stepwell will make you lost in its beauty the further down you go! Stepping inside this beautifully preserved landmark will take you back to yesteryear - making you feel as if you have stepped back in time and are here to fetch water yourself! This place is a unique tourist spot you can visit from Surat that is guaranteed to deliver family fun with all marvelling at its beauty!





At a driving distance of 2 hours from Surat city, Udvada is home to India’s first Zoroastrian fire temple - Atash Behram. Get a glimpse of different cultures by stepping foot into this quaint coastal town. This fire temple is said to be home to an eternal flame, burning for more than a millennium and a place to visit with friends and family! Although visitors outside the faith aren't permitted to step foot into the fire temple, Udvada has become well-known for many other aspects. Enjoy the beaches of Udvada and soak in the beauty of vibrant sunsets as the seas meet the sky. One can also go on a gastronomic adventure just like at Aquamagicaa Water Park in Surat and sample authentic Parsi food in one of the many Parsi restaurants in town! From Bun Maska and Mava cakes to Firsh curries and Salli Murghi - Udvada is nothing short of a culinary treat to the tastebuds! Despite being a slow, small town, the experiences you’ll have here will surely leave you wanting more!



A former Portuguese colony, Silvassa is a great place to visit for a weekend escape from Surat. Set in lush greenery, Silvassa resembles an idyllic haven for those who need a quick break to rest and recharge. Silvassa is also well known for preserving its tribal culture and heritage. One can find many local artisans selling traditional Warli paintings to keep this art form passed through generations alive. The Tribal Cultural Museum is a popular destination as well - attracting tourists eager to know more about the tribes of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. This museum showcases artworks, tools, masks and photographs - giving you a holistic overview of their culture, traditions and lifestyle whilst highlighting the importance of their preservation resulting in a day of family fun.



Surat has an abundance of these enriching and diverse places that will have you and your friends in a hurry to book your next getaway! Being a stone’s throw there are many activities suited for all kinds of travellers - from foodies, nature lovers and history buffs to those who thrive on adventure and thrill! One place that encapsulates the requirements of all such travellers is Surat’s best water park, Aquamagicaa. Given its location within Surat city, this water park in Gujarat is a no-brainer for a quick escape from hectic routines!

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